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Get Leads From Website, Webchat, SMS, DMs, and More

Get Leads From Website, Webchat, SMS, DMs, and More

Follow Up With Our Pre-Built Marketing Campaigns

Follow Up With Our Pre-Built Email, SMS, & Messenger Marketing Campaigns

Send Them To Our Pre-Built Funnels That Convert.

Send Them To Our Pre-Built Funnels And Web Pages That Convert.

How it works

Step 1: First-To-Market Advantage.

Step 1: Get Leads

From Every Channel
...Not Just Websites.

Best way to make money fast is to be first in any market.

A.I. IS An Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity

Develop Products At Lightning Fast Speeds

Sell Products Without Lifting A Finger!

Earn Income: Like Clockwork

STEP 2: Choose The Fastest Growing Niche In Business.

The Power & Profitability Of A Digital “Information Products” Is Unmatched In Any Other Business Model

Earn Income: Like Clockwork

The "7-Day Sales" Sequence.

Work Once & Get Paid Over & Over Again: Instead of trading money & time for income… you leverage it and get paid over and over for the same work!

The Rise Of “E-Learning”

Covid has caused a flood of new people to consume information from home.

425% increase in course enrollment Udemy

Coursera, another online learning platform, saw 640% growth in course enrollment


"Coronavirus will change book publishing, now and forever" - LA Times

"Ebook sales are up by an extraordinary 3,000% in just three weeks, according to the publisher Headline" - The Guardian

Online Video Course Growth

- 80% increase in usage from business/gov

- Communication skills saw 131% increase

- Growth/personal development saw 206% increase

- Drawing saw a 920% increase

- Ukulele saw a 292% increase

- Adobe illustrator courses saw a 326% increase

- Guitar saw a 431% increase

- Copywriting saw a 418% increase

- Photoshop saw a 347% increase

- Photography saw a 140% increase

- Video editing saw a 102% increase

- Piano saw a 466% increase

- Excel saw a 352% increase

- Investing saw a 262% increase

- Music theory saw a 315% increase

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STEP 3: Become An Instant Authority In Your Niche.

But up until now building a course took a LONG time and could be very expensive...

Build A Sales Page


Build A Squeeze Page


Setup Tracking


Create A 12 Lesson Course


Write A 30 Day Email followup sequence


Social Media Posts


Create Ads



Now With AI These Can All Be Done For A Fraction Of The Cost & Without It Taking Weeks To Complete!

Do You See Why Combining AI And Digital Course Sales Just Might Be The Biggest Opportunity In A Generation?

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A.I. Business In A Box

No need to become an expert in AI

Process takes no time at all

No need to know how to design sales pages

No need to know how to build a site and set everything up

"It's beyond amazing that by answering 2 simple questions
PushButton AI has developed a landing page, sales page, and a 10 lesson course. Good content. Compelling language. Targetedsales copy."

- Jeff W​

Success - it took just 3 minutes to type in my course demographic and subject and for Pushbutton.ai to generate the 10-course lesson ideas. I tweaked one of the suggested lessons, but the rest were spot on. My course is Low carb sharing recipes for weight and muscle gain. It was amazing how quickly Pushbutton.ai generated a list of good domain names for my course. It usually takes me days to think of a name and then it's usually taken"

- Judy F

"I am so impressed with the quality and professionalism of my ads and social media add-ons. The images are incredible and totally work with the theme of my course. Much better than I even expected. Thank you!! Push Button AI is awesome!!“​

- Kathy S

"I had my first one-on-one coaching session today with Jay and it was awesome. I highly recommend taking advantage of the Ultimate option because having the ability to actually have a personal mentor adds so much value to the program. Thank you Bill and team!“​

- Jane F

"OMG! It was love at first sight! So exciting! An awesome landing page, then an even more awesome sales page, with such amazing copywriting that I tried to buy my own report (but couldn't yet!). I had to go out for a long walk to try to calm down, but kept thinking of more and more potential sites to create! Well done, everyone involved. Love it!“​

- Gordon G

"Just a quick email to say that now that I have my first AI course site​

Health Remedies and I love what it churned out….​

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for all the Support 👍“​

- Tracy M​

"I am VERY impressed with the ease of use of the Push Button AI platform! As a long-time creator of WordPress websites, I can personally attest to the seemingly endless list of tiny, quiet details required to properly set up the website back end. When you add several plugins this compounds the level of attention required. Our first website commissioned using the Push Button AI system took about fifteen minutes of our time, and most of that was spent choosing the right domain name! The PBAI crew saved me DAYS of work, so I can focus on the actual business thinking. Kudos to Bill McIntosh and crew!"

- Gordon G

"Tech support has been very responsive. I love that you have an actual phone number to call. These things make this such a stress-free experience. ​ I've just requested my first site. The forms were easy to use and intuitive. I can't wait to see the finished product. It was sooo easy to find a memorable
domain, too. I'm excited about the new features to come, and love that you want more input and are actively adding more features. ​I'm a writer with a ton of ideas...this system really helps unleash them because it clears away many of the grinding mundane tasks that normally slows down the idea-to-fruition timeline. Pushbutton AI gives my ideas wings!
:D It's making my muse stupidly happy!“​

- Rebecca B

"I am amazed at this new Pushbutton AI program you have developed. I only​ had to spend 8 minutes entering Demographics, Subject matter, selecting,​ and purchasing a killer domain, and the AI did the rest of the work. Within​

24 hours, I had a complete website built, hosted, and delivered to me. But​ the most amazing part to me was the information in each of my ten college​ survival courses was spot on. I have spent the last ten years researching​ these courses, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing articles. But​ the AI wrote every single college survival course better than I ever could​have or ever could have.​

Hats off to this phenomenal concept that works. Thank You​"

- Ron W

"Push Button AI software allowed me to create content for my e-Book in minutes plus ongoing support from staff. The customer service is outstanding and staff including Samantha, Curtis and Jay ensures no one is left behind.as they promptly responds to questions and provides guidance. Weekly webinars are in depth, simple to understand and sometimes run overtime to cover topics required. The generous bonuses provided by the program are designed for success in the trending AI technology industry. There are many online programs but I am grateful to have come across Push Button AI Program. I strongly recommend it to remain proficient and current in online marketing."

- Dawn C

What You Get

Write your sales page hands free

Create a free leadmagnet you can give away to get subscribers

Create a squeeze page

Create videos

Create audiobooks

Email campaigns

Ads to market on social media

Find a perfect domain name

Setup hosting

Build a website

... All At The Click Of The Mouse… Your New Profitable Business Comes to Life Before Your Eyes - Thanks To The Power Of AI!

Just Answer A Couple Of Questions And Click A Button - The AI Does EVERYTHING ELSE For You...

And not only is this incredibly valuable.

And easy to use ...

And built to SELL ...

It Also Replaces $8,750 In Costs

...To Set All Of This Up!

If you were to pay someone to create these fully DONE FOR YOU BUSINESS IN THE BOX PRODUCTS ...and program all the "tech stuff" so that everything worked perfectly, it would easily cost at least $8,750 ...PER COURSE.

And that's not considering the value of the pre-VETTED copy templates!

You're getting a way to create unlimited businesses ...all set up and ready to be tweaked and deployed. If you take into account the scalability of this offer, that's easily a $24,000 value.

The Savings ...

And there's also the fact that Push-button A.I. REPLACES most (if not all) of the expensive software you're probably already paying for.

Imagine all the separate expenses of setting up and running an online business. Push-button AI is here to offer a groundbreaking solution that is not just efficient, but also cost-effective.

Think about the traditional costs. Want a memorable domain? You might end up shelling out a premium. Setting up hosting and launching your site can also rack up costs, especially if you're going for quality providers.

And when it comes to content creation, the bills just keep piling up. Hiring professionals to create a course can cost hundreds, if not thousands. Quality videos? That could be anything from a few dozen dollars for basic editing to thousands for high-quality production.

But with Push-button AI:

Domain & Hosting: No need for separate expenses. It finds and registers a killer domain name for you and takes care of the hosting. Remember, services like Clickfunnels alone start at $97 with pro versions hitting $297.

Course Creation: Forget about the hefty costs of course creation platforms like Unbounce, which starts at $90 a month and can escalate to $225 for the more advanced offerings. Pushbutton AI crafts an entire course you can sell.

Multimedia Content: Video services like Wistia and Vimeo can leave you spending from a few dollars to thousands monthly. Now, Pushbutton AI handles your video creation. Plus, it doesn't just stop at videos. It crafts audio trainings you can market, saving you even more.

Sales & Marketing: Solid email systems like ActiveCampaign have plans costing $149 a month and upwards. And let's not forget services like Keap that start at $169 for a limited list size. Push-button AI? It sets up your sales page, pens the copy, crafts a giveaway report, and even sets up a subscription page without those escalating costs.

Email Marketing: With the costs of email platforms, Push-button AI's ability to write out a 30-day email sequence presents massive savings.

Content Creation: Blog posts, shopping carts, you name it. Just consider the combined costs of messenger apps, scheduling software, and others which can easily add an extra $200 per month. Push-button AI eliminates these expenses.

The math is clear. When you tally up the expenses of all these separate tools and compare them with what Push-button AI offers, the savings are undeniable. With Push-button AI, not only do you get a consolidated, efficient solution, but you also save potentially hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) every single month!

Add it all up and think about it...

This Replaces At Least $945 In Costs

...Every Month!

And what's really great is it's all under one system.

So you don't have to duct tape a bunch of stuff together and deal with the headaches that come with doing that.

And don't forget.

As good as all those other tools are, none of them have our secret weapon and advantage - the power of AI!

So not only are you saving money but you're also saving time.

Which is why using Push-button A.I. is a really easy decision.


"Your product and the concept of AI integration is lightyears
ahead of what's currently on the market. I grew up during the
time of the original Star Trek series (hate to
devulge my age) and have seen all its consequent movies, TV spinoffs, Star Wars and other depictions in that sci-fi genre. Your PushButton AI is literally my 'transporter' to an online course marketing career that I have only dreamed about. Thanks for 'beaming me up' Bill!"

- Larry R

"It is the best system that I have used. Stopped using the other systems I have tried. The training is great, I am learning so much and the time saving is a​ good benefit.​

I submitted a second website to be built on Sunday night. Logged in early Monday morning and it was there ready to Edit it with my​ information.​ For a newbie, this is the easy and the quickest way to build a site.”​

- Leonard P

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how impressed
I am with the AI​ built web site and course.​ I signed up with
PushButton AI on Monday evening and by Wednesday morning my​ first web site and course was up and running.​

The AI found and registered TechConsultantAcademy.com for me and the course​ it built for me is surprisingly good.​ I've
been a tech consultant for over 20 years and I learned stuff
I will use​ from the AI built course!“​

- James D

"I learned so much and enjoyed watching how an AI can
help with alotof the writing aspect needed to build up
a blog, keywords and content.​ It was amazing. This journey has been eye opening to some of the most advanced technics that an AI can do"

- Gabriella C​

“The whole process, from start to finish, is very simple and
straightforward, from the page filler, to domain selection right
through to sitting back and waiting for the magic to happen,
resulting in the lessons being generated. ​I am equally impressed with the back office support from
Samantha and Curtis. “​

- Donna R

"I loved how simple the creation of the site is and the questionnaire. It​ was really a very good result. I am going to have to build another one​ since that was just more complicated than my intention. But I am really excited!​I love the support you provide. I have mostly dealt with Curtis and he has been responsive and knowledgeable! I always feel that my concerns are important and I get problem solving straight away!”​

- Mary K

"Bill McIntosh does a fantastic job training and is
an expert at teaching SEO strategies. He has
taught things I could not find anywhere else.
Thanks, Bill for your expertise.“​

- Daniel V

"I must also state I am impressed by the speed of the
support team. I will mention Samantha and Curtis.
Great support.“

- Obakeng G

"Thanks for such great training and enthusiasm​

you have with this great product! AI IS the future and this product knocks​ it out of the park!"

- Barry C

"I am particularly impressed with the audio tracks
now added to my prochefsuccess.com site and
whilst I have spent most of my career​

filming and editing videos so can say I am fairly
good at assessing sound tracks I think these
voice tracks have very impressive intonation.“​

- Danny H

"Without exaggeration, after trying hundreds of online, make money programs,​ PLR, product creation, Amazon to mention a few and to the tune of about 60k​ with very little ROI over the last 20 years, I stumbled across Bill McIntosh a little over a week ago. Him and his team have already exceeded my expectations. I already have 4​ product/course/membership sites up. Now they are working on adding the​ video, audio sessons, creating the 30 day email campaigns and teaching me​10 different ways to get traffic to my sites.​​ More than I've
ever accomplished on my own as I amalways "just trying to​

build the site right“ Well these are built right and look great. The support goes above and beyond to resolve issues...actually educate you how."

- Rick C

"I was truly impressed with the ease of the site's creation and the straightforward questionnaire. The outcome was excellent, though it turned out a bit more intricate than I had anticipated, prompting me to consider making another one. Nonetheless, I'm genuinely thrilled! The customer support has been outstanding. My interactions have mainly been with Curtis, who's always been prompt and well-informed. I always sense that my issues are valued, and I receive immediate solutions!"

- Danielle V

"I found the process of setting the parameters for my course to be very simple and straight forward. Once I settled on my
audience and course, it took less than 10 minutes to set up the
topics for the ten training modules for the course and to pick out a domain name. There were several domain names suggested that could have done well but there was one in particular that will be especially good for on-site SEO.”​

- David B

"I am absolutely blown away by Push Button AI! As someone who has struggled with building websites from scratch in the past, I was thrilled to discover this platform. In no time at all, I had a stunning website complete with all the bells and whistles, as well as a comprehensive 10-lesson course​ with introduction and conclusion pages. What's more, the content was nearly ​perfect right out of the box - I o nly needed to make a few minor tweaks and​ adjustments.​

I can't even begin to express how much time and effort Push Button AI has​ saved me. Building an equivalent course on my own would have taken days, if​ not weeks.”​

- Lauretta S

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